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Adresa: Vojvođanska 401,
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Adresa: Vojvođanska 401
1100 Beograd, Surčin
Tel/fax: 011/2642424
E-mail: [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does XYLON produce furniture according to individual needs and wants?

Yes, this is exactly the way XYLON produces and sells furniture. Together with designers you agree on design, materials, dimensions, colors and other details according to your needs and wants. We make furniture for you and we believe that it should be functional, but at the same time it should match your personality and lifestyle.

Can designers suggest furniture organization in living space?

Of course! If you are not sure about furniture organization in your living space, our designers will be more than glad to help you  do this in the best way. We know how much love and care you put into your home. That is why we provide complete solution including space measurement, conceptual development and realization, furniture production.

Which materials are used in furniture production?

In order to have high quality and long lasting furniture, materials that are used are of crucial importance. Technologists will choose the best materials for your product based on the project.

From basic materials we use:
Solid wood – beech, oak, ash, cherry, walnut, American walnut, mahogany, teak etc.
Colored MDF (4, 6, 10, 16, 19 i 30 mm) – over 1500 polyurethane colors with matt, half-gloss, glossy lacquered effect
Veneered MDF (4, 6, 10, 16, 19 i 30 mm) – many different domestic and exotic veneers
Wood particle panels – over 100 colors and designs
Kitchen worktops (40 mm) –exquisite warmth and damage resistance
Corian, granite and marble worktops – many different colors and designs

From accompanying materials we use:
Differently processed glass
The best European fittings brands

How does the process from the first contact until the delivery looks like?

If you visit some of our showrooms, kind salespeople will present you the products and designers will provide design proposal according to your wishes. If you like our complete service and you decide to make a purchase, advance payment in amount which you decide, is paid when purchasing, and the rest of the amount after the installation. In this way you can plan the budget as you want. Delivery date, in this moment, is 35-40 days. Transportation and installation within Belgrade territory are included in the price. After delivery and installation, we suggest you to simply enjoy in new, individually designed furniture.

What are the payment options?

Payment options include cash payment and cashless payment. Cashless payments include current account payment or debit card payment.

Are transportation and installation included in the price?

Transportation and installation in the territory of Belgrade are included in the price. Transportation is charged for territories in Serbia that are out of Belgrade and for all territories abroad. The transportation price for those territories depends on the location distance from Belgrade. In those situations, transportation cost is separately shown in the offer.