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Adresa: Vojvođanska 401,
11000 Beograd, Surčin
Tel/fax: 011/3183 063
E-mail: [email protected]


Adresa: Vojvođanska 401
1100 Beograd, Surčin
Tel/fax: 011/2642424
E-mail: [email protected]

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Kitchen is the heart of home

Kitchen is the heart of home

Being the heart of home, kitchen, requires careful choice when it comes to style, color, material, accessories, etc.  If it is integrated with living room the choice is even harder. Our designers will help you to create your personal kitchen that will meet demand for multifunctional space, ergonometrics and personal taste. XYLON kitchens are made to satisfy the need for additional storage space most effectively. They will help your kitchen to get trendy, elegant, rustic, cutting edge, minimalistic, dynamic look that expresses your lifestyle. XYLON kitchens are made of different materials such as matt and glossy lacquered MDF, MDF faced with wood veneer, wood, glass, wood particle panels. Different finishes will personalize your living space by bringing style. Moreover, XYLON uses top quality mechanisms that ensure soft and long-lasting opening-closing processes.