The color, called Living Coral, will mark the 2019th year,
both in the world of design
and in the world of fashion.

As the „Pantone Color Institute“ describes it, it is „ VIBRANT, YET MELLOW color that embraces us with warmth and provide us comfort in our continually shifting environment.

The coral color is truly SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL and symbolizes our innate need for optimism.

We suggest that you use it as an accent in decorating the living room. Those could be decorative cusions, vases and other decorative items. Also, if you want to refresh the living room that could be one main wall that will make a contrast and will highlight the furniture that is on it.

In the photos you can see the variations of coral color used on the mdf, as well as our color matching proposal.

Try this interesting color and you will see that you will feel more cheerful.