XYLON | Dizajn enterijera i nameštaja | Soba za dečake
Oasis for the game, but nevertheless, there is a space reserved for learning


XYLON | Dizajn enterijera i nameštaja | Soba za dečake


The boys are curious, real adventurers.

While some adore fast cars and balls, others enjoy playing with dinosaurs.

The boy’s room should be their oasis for playing, but there should also be room for learning.

Let the child choose the motives and color in his room, because he will build a better personality, and will be proud when his fellows come, because he was involved in the design.


Boys, even very small, are attracted by planes and for some of them that is the first word.

Airplanes have been with us for more than 100 years and are one of the fastest means of transportation. They are especially interesting to children because they fly and leave a white trail in the sky. Boys usually follow it with his fingers and draws a trail in the sky.

If your little boy dreams of becoming a pilot or just likes airplanes, he will love this room.