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Combining various internal components will ensure the perfect order in the closet




You have a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, but you are missing a perfect wardrobe? XYLON designers will help you customize a wardrobe just for you, so that it meets your needs for functionality and personal style.

Whether you choose hinged wardrobe, sliding wardrobe or walk-in-closet you are able to choose from different door materials and colors, but more importantly you can personalize inside components.

You can choose from different inside components like shelves, drawers, pull-down hanging bars, pull-out trousers hangers and other accessories that allow a perfect order.


Today, we have so many opportunities in terms of wardrobe organization that we do not know what we could use and what is what we really need.

Our experience shows that first we need to think about our habits and the daily taking and returning of clothes from the closet.

Mostly we do not need something that is too complicated, but some organization needs to exist. We think tha pants organizer is on of the very useful things. Also, there are lifters that allow us to position clothes high and to make the most of the space. Also, drawers with inner partition for laundry or some jewelry, with a glass top in order to make it visible even in a closed drawer.

Increasingly,people use LED lighting because it provides luxury, but it is also practical because we can better see the clothes that are inside the wardrobe.